Thanks for this. As usual, a compelling compendium that knits so much together, and so different from that which the Owners would have us believe. I've unlearned essentially everything I was taught growing up; Vietnam in the 1960s being my first test for defining reality on my terms, and not that of the government which wanted me killing those people as a confirmation of my "patriotism." I said no.

I appreciate your continuing education of people regarding JFK and his true place in history. In spite of the ongoing lies the public is fed about him I will forever defend his name and actions that he ultimately died for. The Owners and their Praetorian Guard in the CIA are still selling the idea that Vietnam was his legacy to bear. Far too many accept that story, but I do my best to acquaint them with Presidential Memorandum # 263 as the compelling evidence that they have been lied to.

Your work remains essential and I was pleasantly surprised in Odessa being a squared-away person too. Her closing remarks were especially poignant.

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the Canada I knew or Montreal, in the early seventies, was a good place for us seafarers

alas, I see from the news many things are wrong

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Matt.. I been following you the last 3yrs..so I knew what you're talking about. .. With that said.. the host constantly interrupting you ..

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