I do think that the boomers being the first television generation were primed and malleable for LSD.

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Thank you for this insightful analysis. At one point you said RFK Jr is good on some things but terrible on climate change. In his recent speeches he doesn't mention climate change at all, but rather focuses on his 40 years of environmental advocacy dedicated to stopping the toxic pollution of our water, air, food and bodies by unregulated corporations (incl. big pharma) that are enabled by captured govt agencies.

He said his mission is to end the corrupt merger of state and corporate power controlled by oligarchs, (i.e., fascism). He has demonstrated openness to modifying his views when presented with new information, so given all the rampant abuse of the "green" agenda, I wouldn't hold him to anything he might have said many years ago about fighting global warming. Toxic pollutants and poisons are, however, a real problem, resulting from wreckless, greed-fueled, and even nefariously targeted technological "advancement"--look at the Operation Warp Speed covid shots for a recent example.

Check out his entire campaign kick-off speech from yesterday--many themes in it that I've heard expressed by you and Cynthia.

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