Great piece again, Matt, merci!

Unfortunately, I think we are doomed, on tracks that have been laid straight for decades. In his book, "The Conspirator's Hierarchy. The 300" published in 1992 (!!!), John Coleman wrote that the industrial world was being targeted by The Club of Rome.

"At least 4 billion "useless eaters" shall be eliminated by the year 2050 by means of limited wars, organized epidemics of fatal rapid-acting diseases and starvation. Energy, food and water shall be kept at subsistence levels for the non-elite, start-ing with the White populations of Western Europe and North America and then spreading to other races."

First China, then Western countries and Japan, India... have been facing the Covid attack - the industrial world... Schwab und co. are making their plans reality!

A friend of mine from Switzerland recalls that back in the 1980's, at a small restaurant in the hills above Davos, Schwab, who had had some drinks, was already bragging about how he would change the world...

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Unfortunately, you do not inject the virus of Marxism into your statements above and the fact that it was Woodrow Wilson and Lloyd George that began the process of propelling the RSFSR into a world power. It was Roosevelt and MacDonald that propelled STALIN into a global threat.

This occurred BEFORE the rise of Hitler. The Roosevelt regime was infested with Communists and so was the entire gamut of his NEW DEAL. I noted you made a comment once about Harry Dexter White and Laughlin Currie. Man, they are just two of literally hundreds within the Roosevelt Regime doing the bidding of the CPUSA, Comintern and the Soviet security services.

You are completely outdated on your information surrounding what was going on within the Roosevelt regime to include the REAL reasons he wanted to have exclusive control over the OSS.

The OSS was infested from the top down with Communists. I suppose you have not dug into the AMERASIA Case or any of the Government investigations into that or Communist infiltration of the OSS or investigations into how China was lost to the Communists. Roosevelt was at the heart of it all. Maybe you have misinterpreted his attack on American bankers? Maybe there are other reasons why he did that. Roosevelt was a tyrant and he directly helped, with some of the very bankers you mention, to put the USSR on track to be a global power. It is a lie to suggest that Marxism, Lenin or Stalin had one iota to do with the reinvigoration of the USSR. It's entire infrastructure was built by Wall Street. From its railroads to its factories and electrical facilities. Lenin proved by his NEP that Marxism was a complete and utter flop. The bankers in the US knew they could use Socialism as the vehicle they required to DESTROY European money and make the US the economic superpower. They even latched on to National Socialism. It is no different today with their relationship with Communist China. I suppose you believe all that crap about Chiang Kia-shek and Mihailovic. I have proven, using the records of ALL Western police and intelligence services that the war in the Pacific was a FARCE from the get-go. It was concocted by Roosevelt to destroy the European empire in Asia and to wipe out Japan as the upcoming rival. All those "coincidences" at Pearl Harbor, the lack of fighter aircraft etc. etc. all pre-planned. Even Churchill hinted that this was possibly the case but went along with it because of Hitler. All it would have taken was a couple of hundred fighters dispersed in the Philippines, Singapore and Hong Kong and the Japanese would have been finished. They had those hundreds of fighters. Most will end up at the bottom of the North Sea being shipped to an ungrateful psychopath named Stalin. Why use the Communsts? because they are morons. They are inherent morons. Like today the brain-dead people of this earth are on the left. They are easy to fool and manipulate. The money men knew that creating a Communist Asia would suit them and they knew eventually they will come running like Lenin did to save them. You appear to be basing much of your knowledge on Soviet / Communist espionage on outdated research and books. Practically 70% of the first-hand documentation I have uncovered was released over the last 30 years. It was found in files where no one would think to look covering Special Operations throughout the world during WWII. They reveal much of this conspiracy. It is also the finding-aids of fonds still not available to the public or now proven to have been criminally destroyed that also puts things into perspective. This includes, in Canada, the admittance by CSIS that the RCMP destroyed in 1989 ALL FEATHERBED investigative files into Canada's top Civil Service men and politicians. I have what is left of FEATHERBED and some very interesting files on these men created by British Intelligence they probably did not expect to survive. They confirm without a doubt what I am saying above. In fact I would not hesitate to state that Norman Robertson and Lester Pearson were complete and utter traitors. What their information reveals, reveals what was going on in the UK with Attlee and Labour and in the US with Roosevelt and Truman. ALL WERE SCUM. They set the stage for what is happening right now.

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As we go down the chain of ownership of the Blackrocks, Central banks(BIS), big pharmas etc, there is a common thread that both you and the world are fearful to expose. The fear is well justified because the tentacles of these owners are long and deadly. I talk here of the Rothchilds / Schiffs / Morgans / Rockefellers / Lazards / Soros / Larry Pages / Zuckerbergs and a few more. The underlying theme is that they are all bankers with wide interwoven interests and basically control everything. FDR tried to bring them under control, did for a short while but failed in the end. These people respect no borders, no laws and no morality. They are the puppeteers that need to be controlled but who has the courage to pull the plug on them. There is another common thread among those criminals is that they are all Zionists. Too late, I will be cancelled, but I said it anyway. La mort me guette maintenant eh! With all the firepower available in the world, are there no Seal teams, no snippers, no courageous libertarians ready to die not for their country, but for their children and the world they will inherit. I see the French fighting but Canadians, Americans, Germans? Pitiful. The first and most important thing that needs to happen, is a takeover of the media. 80% of all non-local news is re-published from Reuters AP and AFP. Reuters and AP are both Rothschilds properties. AFP took a bit more digging. The chairman of Havas which owns AFP is Yannick Bolloré who was voted Young Global leader at the WEF. Also received the Bnai Birth gold medal for protecting Jewish interests. Now do you see how the news is controlled? Vivendy owns Havas which in turn owns AFP. The owners of all these French mega billion corporations are all old money billionaires. Imagine, Vivendy was create by Napoleon in 1853. If you break the news cartel, you break the back of the Zionist global takeover. Time for legalities is over.

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Humans live in wash-rinse-repeat because we never effectively deal with those persons that are the true root of major problems before or after issues occur, whether that be JP Morgan, Klaus Schwab, those behind the Smedley Butler affair, etc, etc. etc. Until we grow up and eliminate the root of the problems, the problems will just continue to occur over and over and over again. I appreciate that FDR did make a bit of change in this regard, but it was far from enough. He and his successors left individuals free to co-opt the structures that he put in place.

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FDR was a tax and spend politician that extended the life of the Great Depression. He does not deserve any accolades for the myriad of programs he created...

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