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This was a great listen. Will be replaying several times with a notepad and pen. So much to take in.


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As western government officials continue to separate their governments from the gestalt wisdom and astonishingly diverse strengths, insights and aptitudes of their nation's populace and root culture, these governments crumble in proportion to the separation and resulting conceits of the government officials toward their populace.

The west is not crumbling, per se. Western Governments are crumbling; suicidally collapsing into a morass of avarice, knee-jerk malice toward their populace and oscillating pretensions of vanity among the "governing family" who, among the unrelenting rent seeking, increasingly rampages toward the future in an equally unrelenting pursuit of narcissistic supply.

Hubris spares no one.

The rabid dog sees only rabid dogs.

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Great conversation, Matt, until the very end. You may be correct, but I believe many of us Corbett fans recognize that even within our own country, just county by county, people’s ideas and definitions for terms like liberal or conservative can change drastically, let alone from continent to continent, especially over great periods of time.

Instead of backhanding James Corbett and his fans, why not send him an email, like I do, with your counter-arguments and disagreements along with an invitation for a constructive debate, inviting V to join in, too? To date, I don’t ever remember you having a back & forth with anyone who’s got a difference in geopolitical or historical views, and I’d love to actually see you respectfully spar. It’s too crazy, because I really love and respect all three of you, and with Americans so torn and battered internally and internationally, this really sucks.

Speaking of crappy political pawns and divisions: I never get how you always take time to express your intense love for Trump pudding, and now you’re making sweet, polite excuses for Benjamin Netanyahu, too? What the heck is that all about, especially after admitting Israel is an insane asylum; was intentionally created by Rothschild to trap “lesser” slave-Jews with various factions of extreme, brainwashed Zionist ideologies, correct?

All of us who study political criminals have understood for decades that both Trump and Netanyahu should be executed for Crimes Against Humanity. Anybody who’s been studying their character, ideas and policies like I have over the past 30 years, like you have for at least ten years now, knows how terribly narcissistic-selfish both of these monsters really are. But again, perhaps you and James can have an intelligent discussion about this too, without the emotional, partisan love fest for one side or the other of this sick paradigm of ass-clowns the people are always forced to hate each-other over and choose between—as if these are our ONLY choices and it must alway remain this way—and damn-to-hell anyone who thinks differently. Right? Of course not.

Much love, man. Can’t wait for your next conversation, especially with monkey-face. I’m sorry, I mean V. Honestly, I love him, too. He’s got a well-read intelligent mind and a great sense of humor I always look forward to.

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