Interesting. Very pleased to have Chung's link to her writing on "Optimism". I never knew of Helen Keller's paper, "The World I Live In," but searching for it now. I'm sure, a very helpful resource for my upcoming piece: The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

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History is so warped by special interests it is hard to keep track. They are now Quering History making everyone who may have been relevant a secret Queer. Shameless. Then what else do you expect from Cultural Marxists?

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it's beginning to look a lot like the bad guys have been putting one over on us re Tesla...so many people in the "spiritual" community, the "awake and aware" consider Tesla to be some kind of one-of-a-kind amazing individual who invented everything, and when we finally put his inventions to use, the world will be a wonderful place...I had no idea he was a fascist, he also seemed to be without a soul...

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I have a Book of Tesla Patents, all of them. It looks like Tesla was the Bansky ( Graffiti group posing as a single man) of his day, a collection of people working through a single name. Not sure why, maybe they wanted to live and were working (tip-toeing) around the power of the day. It gets murky the farther back we go.

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that's very interesting...I think originally Banksy was one person...it sounds more like Edison, who had around 100 men working for him in NJ, but whatever they created or invented was always credited to him and he got all the money as well...

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Would you be able to provide more info on this Bansky / Graffiti group posing as a single man?

Is it similar to the so-called one person named Miles Mathis?


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“Banksy is now a collective of artists who work together to produce thoughtful, provocative and subversive pieces and installations. The scope and secrecy of Banksy’s larger works require the cooperation of many individuals to orchestrate, direct and produce them.

[…] Investigators believe that the collective includes many well-known and established artists. Bristol street artist John D’oh is among those rumoured to be involved, as is graffiti and street artist James AME72 Ame and perhaps even Massive Attack singer Robert Del Naja, among others. This is speculation. And again, this doesn’t matter.”


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Hi Matthew

You may like to look at the model I propose for the element air/water.

The idea water is made from two combustible dry gases is a mis-direct that is retarding science and medicine.

The demonstration used to produce water is a result of condensation of room air with cooler glass.

Oxygen is a man made gas so there’s another reason why water is not made of oxygen.

Air is the starting material and it is stripped of water/moisture to become oxygen. Oxygen is calibrated by its dryness. Water contamination in oxygen is measured in parts per million.

Oxygen is a combustible gas because it’s dry. It aids combustion. Nitrogen was invented to prevent fires in foundries from exposure to hot metals /sparks. Nitrogen is made from oxygen by adding carbon particles to the dry gas. Nitrogen being non-combustible oxygen.

Fire genie

Black genie

Oxygen is a dehydrator and this is the opposite of what mammalian lungs requires.

Oxygen toxicity is directly related to it ability to dry the mucosa and delicate alveoli sacs. Reactive oxygen species ROS is a term used to hide damage caused by dehydration.

My article is titled

We breathe air not oxygen


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Re: "Nitrogen being non-combustible oxygen."

Nitrogen is Nitrogen, and "Oxygen with added carbon particle" is something totally different. Please call the latter whatever your heart desires, except Nitrogen. A bit of Chemistry I still happen to know...

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You might want to look over the patents for nitrogen gas production - and I have a link to a video where it’s demonstrated with a home oxygen concentrator


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Interesting. Did you check out Browns Gas? It has almost magical properties. Separating H2O with current makes many things that are unknown for sure. Reduces Radiation by 95% and no government will touch it. Too much money to be made storing radioactive waste at taxpayers' expense.

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Water is not H2O so you can not separate hydrogen and oxygen from water. Water with zero total dissolved solids will not produce a current. It’s a good insulator. Only when salts are added to water does a current flow. It’s what is added to water that is decomposed, the current aids water’s power of decomposition. Water is inert, this is why it can cycle and be recovered from any contamination.

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I do not agree with atheists that there is no spiritual dimensions to life. I do not believe their statements that this empirical reality is all there is. When we're gone, we're gone. We do not have souls. However empirical observations and inductive-deductive reasoning do have their place in solving many day to day problems. I am also convinced that we are constrained by external influences and by outside actors with more power and influence. How much free will was left to the Japanese inhabitants of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The times we live in are important as to what is possible for we as individuals to accomplish . There are higher powers and not all of them are friendly to us humans. There are higher forces in the Universe which have their own needs The American, French, and Haitian revolutions were possible at the time they happened because of currents from outside of most day to day activities. Timing is very important. Humans being what they are, we don't need aliens to blame for wars. I certainly believe that certain English sociopaths were responsible for starting WW1. Solzhenitzen said, "If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?” Not to say that there aren't clever and evil psychopaths climbing the ladders of power and causing much evil in our lives.

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Wow! Yuval Harari's hackable human which can be controlled sounds almost like a verbatim repeat of Aldus Huxley's interview in the 50's which has been shared so much within the conspiracy alternative media. The one where he says people will be "contented with their servitude" with drugs and breads and circuses and distractions and propaganda. Interestingly, many of those who would parrot Huxley's words as evidence that there is a Deep State and a control system would in the same breath VENERATE Nicola Tesla as a "good gentile White" alternative to the "Bad Jewish Albert Einstein." I have heard podcasters in the conspiracy alternative right use Huxley's speech about "loving their servitude" in the intros to their "anti New World Order" shows...


Yet those same people constantly tout Tesla as a "great hero." What a croc...When Tesla is just like Harari and Huxley. It's only bad though when a Jew or a Liberal or a Leftie says it...but it's perfectly OK when someone lionized by the Right such as Elon Musk or Nicola Tesla says it.

Thanks, Matt, for this great expose! The truth about Tesla needs to be set right! I have learned so much from this series!

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It seems Yuval is "contented with their[his] servitude"

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