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Matthew's analyses resonate so well with my many years of reading and thought.

More power to you, Matthew.

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Actually, neither of the two opposing paradigms are in any way compatible with “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” if those New World Order paradigms infringe on people’s Personal Liberty, Personal Rights, and especially their Personal Right of Property Ownership. In actuality, what is occurring today is a “competition” for control over the United Nations being waged between the current controlling faction of the BIS-WEF-NATO “Western” aligned nations and the upstart challenger faction of Xi and the BRICS+ “Eastern” aligned nations. No matter which faction gains control over the UN, they both are proponents of UN Agenda 21/2030 Sustainable Development Goals, the Climate Crisis fear-mongering Hoax, Central Bank Digital Currency, Digital ID, a Social Credit Score System, State Surveillance, Censorship, Compliance, Subordination, and Subservience to the dictates of non-elected bureaucratic administrators.

Xi’s “Belt & Road Initiative” is the bait to lure Third World nations into joining the BRICS+ coalition.

Granted, the “Belt & Road Initiative” bait is very enticing by helping Third World nations break free from “Western” colonialism still being enforced through the Word Bank and International Monetary Fund, and helping Third World nations to develop their own economies with BRICS+ investment into the development of their infrastructure, industrial, commercial, and agricultural needs and businesses, but are the people in the Third World nations in reality just replacing “Western” imperialism with “Eastern” imperialism if in the end they are all subjects of a new UN “Oligarchy” with the same goal of a One World New World Order?

“What you may not be aware of, however, is that there is not one single “new world order” agenda, but two opposing paradigms currently clashing over what the terms and conditions of the new world system will look like. Only one of those two paradigms is in any way compatible with your life and those lives of your children, family and nation.”

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Hi Matt,

Love seeing you all over in interviews. With the Sean Morgan interview it seemed like you thought Bill Gates was a legitimate inventor/creator as opposed to Zuckerberger/Musk etc. I'm pretty sure you might want to double check on that. DOS has DARPA all over it. Rockefeller's right hand man in the creation of the American Sickcare system was Gates.

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You should be aware that China’s economy is stumbling....


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Great, I couldn’t share much I kept being frozen.

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