i may not agree with everything Mr. Barrett says.. but from the few shows i've listened.. he stands on his own two feet, thinks for himself, uses logic, observation, deductive reasoning instead of just repeating MSM.. which is admirable.

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I came across a substack series I believe will inform us as to the true impetus of 9/11 >>> the implementation of C.O.G. (Continuation of Government- AKA -shadow government) . This series also describes the Executive Office of the President , started by non other than FDR . The EOP is an umbrella which harbours all of the 3 letter agencies (and more), which exist outside the oversight of the 3 branches of government . A 4th branch . "The Corporation"

The above interview touched on Trumps recent comments about firing thousands of government employees >>>>(4th branch .... the Corporation) . This series points to Trump's EO's which in combination with his placement of judges has paved a path to dismantle this juggernaut >>>(your fired 🙂)

note: Biden just re-signed the declaration that the US is still under the same threat as existed when the original document was created ,Sept /14/2001 . This document was the activation of the COG ~ ~ the shadow government (run by Dick Cheney) the Deep State had been preparing for decades (since Reagan). This declaration has been reactivated every year when signed by every President since GW Bush .

This series is a brilliant and I expect will further our understanding as to how the deep state has slowly (Fabian) commandeered the infrastructure of the US of A >>>>>>and the operation to infiltrate the monstrosity which itself has infiltrated The United States of America.

https://17sog.substack.com enjoy

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Was Zionist and PNAC member Dov Zakheim the true evil mastermind behind the events of 9/11?

Dov Zakheim 911 Comptroller and Remote Control Planes


Watch Barbara Honegger’s lecture, especially her opening comments and summary at the end about who is responsible for 9/11, and why.

Then watch the documentary on “The Dancing Israelis.”

Pay special attention to the one young Mossad Agent when interviewed on Israeli TV, and his comment, “We we’re there to record the event.”

How did he and his fellow Mossad agents know that there would be an “event” on the morning of 9/11, and that it would involve the WTC? Who wanted them to “record the event?”

9/11 - What really happened that day?

Watch Corbett Report Documentaries with BitChute:


Barbara Honegger – The Pentagon and 9/11

Behind the Smoke Curtain - 2nd Edition (2015)


BBC News anchor and Reporter report on collapse of WTC Bldg. 7 nearly eight hours after WTC Bldgs. 1 & 2 collapse, yet WTC Bldg. 7 is clearly still standing behind the reporter. Who wrote the report for the BBC journalists to announce live on-air the collapse of WTC Bldg. 7 over 40 minutes before it’s actual collapse???


WTC Bldg. 7 - Demolition Explosions


9/11 Files: Dancing Israelis - Documentary


I found this video showing the only two camera angles with video of what is supposed to be a 757 American Airlines FLT 77 going into the Pentagon.

The “aircraft” appears for a split second at 0:05/2:56 in the first camera and at 1:31/2:56 in the second camera.

What appears in both videos is much smaller than a 757 jetliner. Possibly a Global Hawk drone like Barbara shows.



Rise of a New World Order [Part I] [BLOCKED]


Rise of a New World Order [Part II]


Rise of a New World Order [Part III]




DoD IG Response to FOIA Request

(U) HOTLINE Allegation

(U) In May 2006, IRON MAN reported to the DoD Office of the Inspector General HOTLINE that the JFIC had not disclosed all documentation relating to the 911 Commission. The allegation stated that the "Joint Forces Intelligence Command (JFIC), when instructed in or before May 2002 to provide all original material it might have relevant to al-Qa'ida and the 911 attacks for a Congressional Inquiry, intentionally misinformed the Department of Defense that it had no purview in such matters and no such material." The allegation further stated that the JFIC, specifically the Asymmetric Threat Division (D05), had reported that the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were the most likely

domestic targets.

Condi Rice: Here's Your 9/11 Smoking Gun


Kristen Breitweiser, Contributor

9/11 widow and activist

10/30/2015 09:51 AM ET

“…. the summer of 2001 and the more than one dozen intelligence reports blinking red about an impending Al Qaeda terrorist attack. There was the August 6 PDB, FAA reports, CIA reports, DoD reports, and FBI reports — all indicating and discussing terrorist cells inside the US planning attacks inside the US.

What most people don’t know about is the smoking gun report from JFIC, DO5.

According to the report written in the summer of 2000: “The WMD Threat to the U.S.” (information cut off date 16 July 2000) the briefing slides emphasized that NYC was the most difficult consequence management problem and recommended using NYC as the model for planning/exercises. The oral briefing itself was much more sensitive, indicating that the World Trade Centers #1 and #2 were the most likely buildings to be attacked in the U.S., followed closely by the Pentagon. The briefer indicated that the worst case scenario would be one Tower collapsed onto the other. The possibility of striking the buildings with a plane may have been discussed then — it was certainly discussed in the Red Cell Analysis leading up to the briefing period. The acting Deputy of DO5 (name redacted), proposed in the Red Cell Analysis that the building could be struck by a jetliner. Discussion followed on contacting World Trade Center security and engineering/architectural staff, but the idea was not further explored because of a command climate discouraging contact with the civilian community….”




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Isreal is Rothschild/British banker created and thus the same deep state creature that shadows the US . I assume they were just using team members that weren't American .

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