to Matthew Ehret: i just discovered you blocked me from commenting on your BitChute account? i can understand if i was rowdy, rude, or cursing. i had intelligent, mature debates. i just lost all respect for everything you preach.. most importantly: Freedom.

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Any treatment of the history of Fascism in Europe, the EU that includes the 20th century would be utterly deficient if it didn't include the role of American Fascists who supported the efforts globally, as well as inside the US. Who's efforts guided and were drawn upon by European Fascists committing their greatest crimes against humanity, US policies cited as a defense to their crimes at the Nuremberg trials. American Fascists who went subterranean and donned new masks during and after WWII, even rising to the highest levels of power in the US, including multiple presidents. American Fascists behind The New World Order/Great Reset, all of the coerced authoritarianism we live with today, as corporations have become full partners with government determining and enforcing public policy like mask and injection mandates, business closures, genital mutilation, CRT/ESG, in partnership with Marxist authoritarians, a new Hitler-Stalin Pact entered into declaring western liberal capitalism rooted in individual liberty their mutual enemy - to be eradicated before they settle their final showdown, learning from history not to break the Pact before the bitter-clinger deplorables are eliminated.

Because that history of Fascism is imperative to knowing and understanding how we got to where we are today. And how dire our position is, who our biggest threats are, many of whom remain masked as friends (Rino's) and remain subterranean. A knowing that is sobering and liberating, because it explains the nagging unexplaineds of our predicament. Armed with knowledge as power that will allow freedom and liberty to ultimately prevail. For your consideration:

Leading American industrialists, bankers, academics, media, were enthralled with Hitler and the Nazi’s in the 1930’s, many even publicly supportive right up until Pearl Harbor. Then privately. Including Graeme K. Howard, General Motors VP, who published “America and a New World Order” in 1940. GHWB’s “New World Order” speech, anyone?


George HW Bush’s father was Prescott Bush. Prescott Bush was a prominent international banker in the 1930’s-1940’s. Sometimes referred to as Hitler’s banker. He was a Nazi sympathizer, who profited from Hitler’s war machine, and the concentration camps.

The UK Guardian, September 25, 2004, “How Bush’s grandfather helped Hitler’s rise to power”


The Hitler-Stalin Pact and Secret Protocols, both authoritarian, centrally-planned governments declaring western liberal capitalist nations with protections for individual rights and freedoms their greatest threat and obstacle to their global ambitions.


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