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Thank you for your dedication and hard work. Thank you for sharing your work. And especially big thank you for sharing with us without a pay wall.

I will definitely be adding your books to my library 🙏🏻 Again, thank you!

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Thank you. Although uncomfortable to listen to this version of historical events is the only thing that makes sense in showing how we got here.

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Excellent & thank you for all that you do. You know Matt, Tom Waits has a Song called "God's away on business" & there is a line that goes:.... & Who are the ones left in charge? Killers, Thieves & Lawyers....

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Watching the first part right now. Trying to share your stuff because it's so important to understand the depth of the lies, and the more we understand the better we can talk about it among others who are unaware. What an evil plan these oligarchs are unfolding right before our eyes but bread and circuses leave some of us fat and sleepy. I have hope though. Hope is necessary!

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I thought I understood history fairly well, especially Canadian history. Wrong on all counts!

The scale of my delusion amazes me more every day.

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This is what we should be taught in school!! and Media should be producing in regular special articles, not the "bums & tits" that Ozzie export to USA (MurdochS)) dishes up.

HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF - proven here by Matt.

Sincere appreciation for all your efforts and enlightenment.

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As always, great work, I dont know how you fit all this into your brain, must have good attic space, but one thing about Claude Dansey starting the first military intelligence for the US, ONI was established in 1882, pre-dating Dansey.

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Very informative and thought provoking. Thank you!


"People get a little obsessed with names...as if somehow the names are going to solve the problems....I personally suspect that there is an inner organizing committe of some sort...probably managing certain 'fondies'...certain family trusts that are hereditary, that are managed by a certain committee that oversee the distribution of family wealth and territory...that sort of keeps in perpetuity titles..."

I still think that this would be a very big thing, to find this committee and these titles if they exist. Maybe even a key thing. The only way to prevent the next one is to prosecute the perpetrators of this one.

At the same time, of course, the most important thing is to stop them in the local courts with criminal charges and lawsuits. I think at this point with the level of corruption that it will have to be done locality by locality until their edifice is weakened enough to collapse.

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hi Matt. Love your work. which of your pieces best exposes and explains this very relevent history commented by CMColliers on rumble part one:

"The term fascist was coined by the communists to deflect from the atrocities that was leaking out from the newly created Soviet union.

Moses Hess,In 1862, formulated the first principles of communism. He wrote a book called Rome and Jerusalem. He called for a Jewish national movement called Zionism.

He was also a close collaborator with two Jewish men Karl Marx and Frederick Engels who converted to communism.

Socialism, communism, Marxism and Zionism are of the same roots, with only common goal- domination of the whole world.

From the communist manifesto 1848

Key points:

1. A central bank.

2. Abolishion of countries and Nationalities.

3. Abolishion of families.

4. Abolishion of private property.

5. Abolishion of the Christian religion.

• Marx's grandparents were related to the Rothschild dynasty who in turn funded Karl Marx.

1897, the Zionist conference was held in Basel, Switzerland.

•Rothschilds bought Reuters in the 1800s. Reuters then bought the associated press (Europa The Last Battle)

Indeed, from Ian Kershaw's book on Hitler (Kershaw is not a Hitler lover) describing what people saw in Austria/Germany at the 1920s:" Among them ( of the 1,674,957 residents of Vienna in 1900), was a sizable minority of Jews.

In the mid-century, there had been only a little over 6,000 Jews in Vienna, some 2% of the population.

By 1910, this had risen to 175,318, or 8.6% of the population.

As in Germany, Jews had historically had a strong presence- far greater than their numbers in population- in the professions, academic life, mass media, arts,

business and finance."

Because history is written by the victors, books and other material of the pastcan be destroyed, altered or ignored."

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I enjoyed your insights very much, Thank you. Here’s some insight into tactical syntax through language jurisdictio_mis spelling to catch the spell oft’missed. A horses bit of coin is just more Pay pal Papal Venom (venmo)❤️.


Look at the word Comirnaty_interesting isn’t it?

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Thank you Matthew! This was an amazing presentation. We listened to both parts and found them fascinating. We realize how much we have been fooled with the fake narrative all of our lives but this fakery goes way back- the Covid plandemic is just more of the same. Thank you!

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Really like those two episodes. Having read Larry Romanoff's "The richest man on earth" and all about this "Kazahria Jews world " ( accumulated wealth well over 500trillions $ compared to the unpayable US dept of 35 trillion $ ) one can imagine that they have something to do in having created this "anglo" power structure. Money talks (and acts) as you very well know.

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Rumble is still unavailable in Europe. Thanks for your posts and information, as always. The truth won't set us free, we will.

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