It is beyond absurd to the point of being humorous. A&L labs here in Ontario are a very popular company for farmers to send soil and plant samples for analysis. Hidden deep within their website is the fact that they have an alliance with Aspire Foods Group who have received funding from Next Generation Canada. They are funding alternative sources of protein (crickets). Farmers who use and support A&L labs are slitting their own throats! Everything has consequences. Good-by to Ontario farmers who produce pork, chicken, beef and lamb.


“The role of insect protein for sustainable food systems and to create a circular economy is moving the dial on sustainable agriculture,” said Nevin McDougall, President and Chief Commercial Officer for A&L Canada Laboratories. “We are honoured to partner with Aspire and with this group to deploy the latest technology in the new facility -- we are excited for the future of agriculture and Canadian innovation.”

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Before I listen, I vote "Both!" ^_^

Thanks, Matt.

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