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First of all, I find Matthew Ehret and James Corbett to be two of the brightest, most informed, most articulate, and most prolific voices helping us understand what has gone on and what is going on in our world. Having said that, I have noticed over the past weeks or maybe longer, that they don't seem to be on the same page, regarding China and Russia. It started out very subtly, but I was beginning to feel two quite different points of view. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I was getting confused after perceiving their different positions; as I generally was in agreement with both of them. Matt has a much more positive view, especially of China and the work they are doing to help many other countries. When I read this article, I said wow there is something here and not just some vague difference I couldn't quite define. I respect both of these gentlemen and will continue to respect them both.

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Pretty sure the Canada/US joint statement was used as a sort of prop for the main gag of the video, which was to reveal it as not actually a Canada/US joint statement, but a Russia/China joint statement. I thought he made that pretty clear in the video, particularly around the 14 minute mark. Just to clear that up for people.

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I doubt that defining directives and influencing a cluster of institutions that make up a Nation State is a terribly orderly and predictable pastime. Rather riddled with compromise and intransigence and various kinds of 'blowback'.

I suspect that Putin may have been play - acting with the Western and the Globalist upper echelon when chumming up with the great reset table at the club, whilst looking for advantage for Russia and for his own political advantage, and is continuing to do so. He may have wanted to judge for himself whether Schwab or others had the energy of a Bismark or a Belarius.

Yet another possible view could be that Russia's move with Ukraine might have been very largely to do with domestic power politics, undertaken despite Ukranian and Western opposition, and may be serving to unify the Russian command echelon and clean house of Western corruption within Russia, and only secondarily to improve 'Indo-European' and possibly Turkish relations with Russia, and Ukraine just happens to be a means to an end.

They have been preparing for it for quite a few years after all.

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Matthew, I told him years ago, about 10, that neither Russia or China would ever bend their knee to the same people who had been trying to Destroy them for literally Centuries. I have had the good fortune to have a new neighbor who thinks exactly as I do. I learned Russian and Chinese History from you and audited a Cold War and a Russian History course at the Univ of Florida and researched the Crime of September 11, 2001, all the 911 Wars and the Plandemic which supports what I am saying. My neighbor is supposed to Edit Whitney Webb's Epstein book if and when it gets written, and she says James and Whitney are convinced Putin and Xi are part of the NWO and we laugh about it periodically.

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I used to spend some time in China every year. And I met several politicians.

They really believe in taking care of their people. Of course, China privileges the society upon the individual. But this is part of its heritage, it’s Confucius vision.

They even have a Confucian training for the brilliant politician.

China cares about China. And this is what a normal nation and normal politicians do. And their diplomats are still using diplomacy.

We, the west, have become so gross and incapable of a real politics.

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I am sorry I cannot follow the arguments that accept that China and Russia are in on the Great Reset agenda would somehow doom me to being a voyeur and a by-stander and neither is James promoting such a position by pointing out the obvious links. As a matter of fact in almost every one of his videos he urges viewers to take matters into their hands, build communities and strive to better the world. If anything it is people trusting that Putin or Xi will somehow get us out of this mess that are those that tend to be more passive or that are eagerly waiting for the demise of the west's power.

Much rather do I see a lot of cogntitive dissonance in those that stubbornly believe that either Russia alone, or China and Russia combined are somehow opposed to Agenda 2030, the SDGs and the policies and ideas promoted by the WEF and other multi-stakeholder organization. Despite all evidence to the contrary.

Let me try to take some of your reasoning apart.

Point 1) Development and lifting people out of poverty counters depopulation: Unfortunately this is an overly simplistic view of how development and fertility correlate. The more advanced an economy becomes the lower the fertility is due to the many reasons I am sure your readers are aware of (processed food, extended education, delayed family formation etc. etc.). So no, lifting people out of poverty is actually aiding population decline, I know this may be seen as paradoxical at first but countless countries also in Asia serve as evidence for it.

Point 2) You seem to overestimate the role of Soros in the power structure. He has money but the people in control don't need money, they control the creation of money. Soros doesn't, he's just a face same as Bill Gates or Buffet. The technocrat state was attempted back in the 1920s in Canada for instance and failed to gain ground, completely. The elites realized that more time is needed in terms of technological progress and societal transformation (detachment from spirituality) to bring it aboout. In the 1980s some of their global agendas such as Covid-19 would have been much harder to implement given the cold-war environment. So no, that wasn't the right time for it either.

Point3) You really seem to think the world evolves around Soros no? You cannot create a multipolar world if you do not have true opposition to the US. China was propped up for that reason and Russia was meant to be economically sufficiently independent and strong so it could supply China the one thing it needed, natural ressources. Letting Atlanticist oligarchs loot Russia would have weakened Russia to a point that it would have been unable to stand up to the west today and make a multipolar world possible. How would the world move away from the Dollar without anyone abel to stand up to the Dollar? This has nothing to do with Soros being banned or not, if anything it is surprising that he was allowed to loot Russia in the first place. But not for long...

As for the rest of your points on technology I'm really not sure where you want to go with that? Technology can always be used for good or evil but we need to understand it's not happenstance if they release a novel smartphone technology in 2008, which will be used to implement health passes 13 years later. It's not by accident that they come out with fake meat and want to wean us off from animal products and then a few years later Russia invades Ukraine and helps disrupt vital food supply chains causing massive food price inflation.

So please, I'm all open to see Russia, China and others use technology for the good of humanity but do come up with some concrete examples. As it stands you just sound unhappy that the evidence is stacking up against your cause of (evil west. vs. good east), and Corbett is putting the finger to where it hurts.

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When Gintsburg “hangs” for his crimes against humanity with his poison based on the Covid lies (Sputnik V) is denounced and destroyed and the control mechanisms (qr codes and social credit systems) are eliminated, then I will believe Russia is truly opposing the Cabal and not just playing king of the mountain for who rules the agenda. Please show me when this occurs.

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The US-Canadian document was a gag. China and Russian ruling class are more than one figurehead or oligarch. Those who stray are disposable. CCP China is basically Made in USA (West). As for Soros being banned from China, the Great Reset is more than one man. They are united in a common goal at the 3D level, it doesn't mean they all get along and don't fight among themselves at the 2D level . Klaus has said the Great Reset is moving toward a multipolar world. Its not about keeping the unipolar world. The Ukraine-Russia War plays right into the WEF Agenda.

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You have done great work on Round table control of stupid Canadian political system .... wonderful! The connection to Fabian society is superb ... But, unfortunately, your reasoning against James' argument is absolutely weak and superficial.

There are tones of reasons, documents, and actual policies in action supports James' argument regarding China and Russia going back to Opium war and the rise of communism in Russia (Tragedy and Hope ... works of Anthony Sutton ...). The rise to the power of current political systems in both countries and many current polices in both countries are definitely in line with implementation of digital prison towards enslaving working class: no doubt about that.

I am talking as a person having first hand experience, personally living under one of them ...

There are tones of info, but I redirect you to here for many pieces written by a fantastic journalist who worked for first for

Press TV (Iranian State Backed English propaganda arm)

and then

RT (Russian State Backed propaganda arm)

and then decided to be independent as he find himself restricted with the agendas coming from top on what to cover and what not to cover:


I have differences with James and his analyses from time to time but his recent work was one of the best and your counter argument was just empty form any factual points.

An I understand that you may have a conflict of interest with your involvement with the Russian research/univ thing ... you must disclose that conflict of interest to the audiences before commenting on this topic targeting Russian thing ...

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Okay, love the "ode to the black pill". Yes, there are a lot of crappy things going on in the world. And yes, there are agendas being pushed. But in today's day in age getting two people to agree on something, let alone all the billionaires in the world? Come on, these people are not that deep, or smart. Just good for fleecing people. There are many perspectives. If we could all just lean on each other and do what is right. Toss the political ideologies and be guided by truth, justice, and some compassion we would be golden... all of us.

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Maybe I'm not too observant, or maybe I am. But looking at the "leaders" of the world and states down to localities and the enforcement arm I see a prevailing trend of these people being psychopathic control freaks. NORMAL people don't gravitate to positions where they can rob, rape and steal with impunity. The majority of the people of the world sad to say, FOLLOW and in many cases MIMIC these psychopathic control freaks! How you can't see that is beyond me.

I'll share this because I think Kevin has done his homework...

Twilight of the Psychopaths

By Dr. Kevin Barrett


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My comment vanished. I hate it when that happens. Corbett has blind spots, another is on 911, his refusal to discuss Dr. Judy Wood and have another engineer with her level of skill with interferometry on to discuss her book of evidence. I have yet to see anyone do more than insult her. That makes it fairly obvious that a lot of the truth community are blinkered. let's have a discussion of that, let's have a discussion about this. I do find the joint statement of Russia and China on covid etc rather disturbing.

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Very interesting perspective presented here. I agree and appreciate new view/info for me too. I respect, like and watch/listen (whenever it is possible for me) James Corbett shows for long years now, but on this issue I had a problem for some reason too and for a while. Thank you for this refreshing post.

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Thank you for this article, Matthew. It is very timely as that Corbett podcast had me wondering. However, could you please comment on the following link? https://www.ewdn.com/2021/10/18/russia-and-wef-to-launch-centre-for-the-fourth-industrial-revolution-in-moscow/

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I like Corbett, but I don't see him ever addressing pedophilia, human-trafficking or Satanism. Why censor yourself? Maybe he's afraid to lose subscribers?

He does seem a little arrogant in his assumptions (e.g. "Putin is a WEF stooge") but overall, I like him. I admit, I don't know what is going on. Is Q a good thing? I see people doing good things, and then it appears they are doing bad things. Why? Why is Trump pushing the vax? At the same time, he signs anti- human-trafficking EOs. Why is Putin pushing the vax, but calling out the NWO for worshipping Satan? I'm confused, but maybe that's the intention?

I just hope the truth about all this comes out soon.

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The nice thing about Biden, Xi and Putin taking over the world goes like this.

They agree they will take over the world with the great reset, then fall out over whose great reset they use, because thats what socialism does.

Conservatives are whistled up to clear up the mess the socialists made, because that's what conservatives do.

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