I am on Team Trump and the America First MAGA Patriots. You are apparently on Team Xi and the BRICS+ so I just bought your two books on the China Psyops because like you wrote, “Know your Enemy.”

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Matthew, I am beginning to think BRICS project is not a real opposition to Western Oligarchical Plans but an integral step towards Global Oligarchical Unity. Apparent dialectic oppositions are a prerequisite to a mother of all crisis which can then be only “resolved” through the global oligarchical unity (synthesis). That is the final stage of globalism - one world oligarchical rule.

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Anyone who professes an allegiance to UN-WEF Agenda 21/2030 Sustainable Development Goals is an enemy of the US Constitution and citizen’s personal Liberty, personal Rights, and especially the Right to personal Property Ownership.

BRICS+ 2023 Summit Declarations:



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I cannot trust a leader like Xi who is an admirer and wannabe of Mao, and who embraces CBDC, Digital ID, a Social Credit Score System, UN-WEF Agenda 21/2030 SDGs, and threatens another nation like Taiwan.

I suspect that BRICS+ and BRI are “wolves in sheep’s clothing,” and that clothing is what Mao used to wear.

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Ask any American what he/she was told in his youth about his country.

We are number one. Ask any American what he thinks of Russia and he/she will tell you: I hate them. Ask any Americans what he thinks of communism and he/she will tell you how much they hate it.

Now ask them why is America number one, where is Russia and what do they know about communism and they will give you an answer as if they were 5 years old.

How long can a brainwashed society, ignorant and preoccupied with cartoons, can prevail over other civilized countries. Just compare Americas high school education and their graduates with other countries and you will discover how ignorant Americas nation must be.

A country that votes for presidents and congressional representative based on advertising reaching billions of dollars, how long can it survive while others educate themselves and develop economically and scientifically.

America buys foreign talents to stand out. Right after the war they corrupted German scientists who build their weapons to move to America. Review American scientific literature and you will find out that majority of scientist do not have Anglo Saxon names.

Loving America is not to accept the corruption and manipulations that eventually will surface and destroy. Now is the time when it becomes obvious that behind this dark curtain there is a long standing rot that no fumigation can help. Americans need to re-examine their participation and acceptance of a system created by a few for a few.

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When you see how the American Justice System IS BEING MISUSED to defy Donald Trump as the president of "We The People" - HOW COULD ANY ALTERNATIVE BE POSSIBLY WORSE - especially comparing the "BRICS" approach of "WIN-WIN" contracts with developing countries, to the murderous American approach with STEALTH subversion, corruption & war?


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Excellent discussion, enjoyed it very much. Both guests have an awe-inspiring grasp on the geopolitical situation. However, there are certain issues that concern me about the BRICS.

Whereas it certainly seems to be ushering in the end of the imperialist Anglo-American hegemonic western system, and a new multi-polar world order, what I find worrying is what they say in the following document:

1. BRICS Joint Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Statement - 15 August 2023

For example...

Par. 5 - "We believe it is necessary to address the international debt agenda properly to support economic recovery and sustainable development, while taking into account each nation’s laws and internal procedures."

Par. 6 - "We further reaffirm our commitment to a strong, quota based, and adequately resourced IMF to preserve its role at the centre of the global financial safety net."

Par. 7 - "Multilateral development banks (MDBs) are critical in reducing poverty, providing development finance, and supporting countries to attain the Sustainable Development Goals. We note the discussions on the evolution roadmap of the World Bank (WB) and initiatives of other MDBs to reassess their missions, operational or financial models."

Par. 8 - "While supporting the broad goals of the evolution of the MDBs, we call for the WB, New Development Bank (NDB) and other regional development banks to maintain their core mandate on poverty reduction and development, prioritize development programmes, and inclusive growth, including integrating climate change, gender equality and pandemics into their development agenda."

The above is just a selection of examples, which I found to be somewhat disturbing. Unless I'm missing something they seem to be on board with certain agendas that sound like they're coming from the WEF? Such as, the globalist 2030 agenda for "sustainable development", "climate change", "gender equality", and in cooperation with the WTO (admittedly they seem to be in favour of reform), the WB and the IMF?

Has anyone else noticed this?

Am I wrong?

Any thoughts?

PS. Documents can be found here:


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Can the people living in China and Russia openly and freely express their opinions and voice their opposition to their governments, or does everyone live in fear of each other that someone might snitch/tattle on them to the Authorities?

What may appear to be China implementing a modern version of “The American System of Political Economy” with their Belt and Road Initiative, is in reality just a bastardized illusion of a new feudalistic technocratic colonialism and imperialism for domination of Third World countries and control over their natural resources. The foundation of “The American System of Political Economy” is the entrepreneurial spirit and motivation of industrious-minded individuals who live in a nation protected by a Constitution that guarantees their personal Liberty, their personal Rights, and especially their personal Right to own Property. In order for “The American System of Political Economy” to function, independent citizens need the freedom and protection of a Constitution and Justice System to pursue their independent aspirations and ambitions, and they need a government with a nationally-owned National Bank, not a privately-owned Central Bank, with a National Credit System that stimulates investment in technology, national manufacturing, agriculture, commerce, and National Infrastructure Development, along with a Tariff System that protects the nation’s entrepreneurs and businesses from foreign “free trade” dumping of foreign goods and services that undermine national business development. Lastly, “The American System of Political Economy” requires bilateral “Fair Trade Agreements” between sovereign nation-states that protect and promote each nation’s business interests.

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What is your position on Central Bank Digital Currency?

If you oppose the implementation of a Central Bank Digital Currency in the USA, then how would The you stop China and the BRICS+ from requiring BRICS+ member nations to implement a CBDC as a requirement for joining BRICS+ and contracting between BRICS+ members?

What happens when the BRICS+ create their own CBDC and require BRICS+ member nations to exclusively do business using the BRICS+ CBDC?

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