The citizens of the USA, and citizens of all constitutional democracies around the world, must accept the reality that “We the People” will never have the wealth that is required to preserve our Constitutional Liberty & Rights, and defeat the Globalist Fascist Oligarchy who possess all the wealth they need to implement their One World Globalist Fascist Empire.

It’s gonna take a Superpower to defeat a Superpower!

Today, there are two Superpowers in the world:

the Superpower of the West and the Superpower of the East.

The Western Superpower: British Oligarchy (Royals, Rothschilds, City of London Banksters), the BIS (Bank for International Settlements, aka International Banksters), UN-WEF, WHO, NATO, the Vatican, and all of their puppets who govern “so-called” western democracies.

The Eastern Superpower: China, Russia, India, and the BRICS+ countries.

The Western Superpower wants to abolish independent sovereign nation-states, wants to abolish constitutional democracies, and wants to implement a neo-feudal society where the Globalist Fascist Oligarchy own and control all of the Earth’s natural resources, and “We their Serfs” are reduced to a lifestyle of servitude begging for permissions and favors.

The Eastern Superpower wants to empower the UN and return the UN back to its original charter where independent sovereign nation-states collaborate to prevent wars, and negotiate trade agreements that are equitable to resource-rich nations and nations rich in technologies and manufacturing capabilities.

Ever since the victory of American General George Washington over British General Cornwallis at Yorktown on October 19, 1781, the British Oligarchy have continued to wage a never-ending war against sovereignty in order to preserve their Empire. The last two hundred plus years have been a global battle between the British System of Political Economy (imperialism, colonialism, slavery, one-sided free trade, privately-owned Central Banks, economic austerity, suppression of advancement through technology development, and perpetual war) and the American System of Political Economy (independent sovereign nation-states, constitutionalism, personal liberty and rights, fair trade agreements, a government-owned National Bank, economic prosperity, economic growth through technology development, and everlasting peace).

So, when choosing which side you support and hope to live in the type of society that they seek to achieve, whether the Western Superpower or the Eastern Superpower, a good set of discriminating factors are which side is promoting “The Great Collapse of Society” through massive debt, Critical Theory, Global Hoaxes (Overpopulation, Global Warming, Food Shortages, Energy Shortages, Terrorism, UFOs, Plandemics), and which side is currently negotiating international trade agreements to bolster its New Silk Road - Belt and Road Initiative, and is closest to pursuing the American System of Political Economy?


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Pretty much to sums it up .. always a boogie man to instill fear .. brace yourself... they're not done with us!

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Excellent video, Matt. Although there’s nothing funny about it, the inclusion of the BBC’s infamous Jane Stanley / Building 7 footage brought a wry smile to my face

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Jun 3, 2023·edited Jun 4, 2023

Matt, I ask the question because in all the material of yours I've watched you never address the control of the USA by the British Territorial they were given authority in 1789, and took full control after the Mercenary Conflict ie Civil War, and this is well researched. Are you even aware of this?

Ya know by some of the content in that film some people might get the idea you support Trump. Not that it would be a bad thing, I just didn't get that impression from other articles, which is ok too.

I am curious what you may think about these two videos, if you have seen either of them?

The first is about 48 minutes and breaks down (all researched thoroughly) the initial forms of government of the USA and their giving authority to the British Territorial and Holy Roman Empire *now the Holy See), and she has won court cases in the ICC. So don't be fooled by this little old grandma and her great teams work.


This one is on youtube, but I found a link with a transcript so tend to use it. As far as I know this site is not an affiliated site to the network set up here in USA and has spreading around the world as this has happened to many other countries as well, Correction it has been updated and has the link to the 50 states assemblies at the top now too.


This is the official American States Assemblies site set up in all 50 States and at least Australia


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the ABC footage of ground zero presented at approximately 4:10 broadcast on the peter jennings news which is available on my site vigilantcanadian.ca trumps any footage you may have

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We'll all need to purchase the book "The Art of War" since we are in the middle of one.

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At around 6 minutes Jason mentions the name of someone (I think) who lives outside Toronto and is trying to organise people to "get out of town" Is there any commenter who can help with the name. My hearing is not that good and Matt must be insanely busy! Thanks.

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Excellent discourse Matthew, thank you. It all confirms my own understanding of the sneaky Brits at work behind the scenes (I worked at the War Office in the 1960s but can't tell due to HMG Secrets Act ) as has been the case since Elizabeth 1 and her team of subversives. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/national-security-bill-factsheets/espionage-etc-national-security-bill-factsheet

But all this is not really serious - it's actually a game of 3D chess as far as I my experience dictates and Bob Newhart hit the nail on the head 70 years ago! Have a laugh whilst absorbing some historical truth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XDxAzVEbN4

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